Portuguese-language employment and training website expands to Mozambique

5 May 2014

The latest Portuguese-language employment and training website, http://comemprego.com/, has expanded its business to Mozambique where it has the domain name http.//www.comemprego.co.mz/, according to the Portuguese press.

The website offers jobs and training from any employer or training provider in Portugal and Mozambique and has plans to expand to Brazil, Timor-Leste (East Timor) as well as to other Portuguese-speaking African countries.

As well as advertising jobs and training, the website also publishes news, events and information about new hires by companies, internships, seminars and other issues that may be of interest to the website’s Target audience.

The website’s users can also access a personalised user area that allows employers and individuals to contact each other and a system to assess applications, in which candidates can be evaluated directly on the website (with mark of 1 to 5).

By registering on the website users are given an “Employment Guide E-Book,” providing information about how to prepare for interviews, how to write a CV and all the necessary steps for finding work. (macauhub/PT/MZ)