Arab bank funds water supply projects in Sao Tome and Principe

8 May 2014

The Arab Bank for African Development (BADEA) plans to provide around US$7 million to fund a drinking water project in the city of Neves in Sao Tome and Principe, the chairman of water and power company Empresa de Água e Electricidade said in Sao Tome.

José Maria Barros said that the agreement had been signed in the city by the construction company, which would allow the work to begin next June.

The work, which is scheduled to take 15 months, includes piping the water starting at the Contador River, which is the main water source for some areas of the city of Neves, as well as for the villages of Ribana and Monte Forte, about three kilometres from the city in the north of Sao Tome island.

Neves, which has over 10 neighbourhoods and over 14,000 inhabitants, is the most important urban area in the district of Lemba, and is around 27 kilometres from the capital of Sao Tome and Principe.

This water supply project follows another one that was also funded a few months ago  by BADEA in the city of Santana, Cantagalo district in the south of the island of Sao Tome, costing almost US$7 million.

Despite having almost 2.1 million cubic metres of water per square kilometre, water supply in Sao Tome and Principe is poor due to a lack of distribution networks. (macauhub/ST)