N’gola beer factory in Angola invests in new filling line

9 May 2014

A new beer filling line, with a production capacity of 12,000 barrels per month, is being installed in the N’gola beer factory, in the city of Lubango, Huíla province, said the factory’s director João Pedro Lopes.

The new filling line will be inaugurated in the first two weeks of June, he said, adding that it was part of the factory’s modernisation plan.

The factory currently has three filling lines and the investment that is underway is intended to allow the brand to “affirm itself in the Southern region of Angola, attract new customers and increase turnover in other regions of the country.”

The factory, which is the only one of its kind in Huíla province, was established in 1974, and in 2000 its management was taken over by South African group SABMiller, and now produces around 1.3 million hectolitres of beer per month.

Last April two new beer factories started operating in Angola, in creasing the number of beer makers in Angola to 11. The beer market leader in Angola is French group Castel, which has nine production units and a market share of 80 percent.

The beer sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Angola. It started gaining ground in 1994 when some factories started operating and others were refurbished after coming to a standstill due to equipment in a poor state of repair and a lack of raw materials. (macauhub/AO)