Spanish companies open product showroom in Cabo Verde

20 May 2014

Several Spanish companies have decided to open a product showroom in Praia, the capital of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) to promote their products to the archipelago’s importers quickly and easily, said the Spanish ambassador, José Miguel Corvinos.

Cited by Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana, the ambassador noted that Spain was one of Cabo Verde’s main partners and was the number one buyer of Cape Verdean products and the third biggest supplier of the country’s imports.

The aim of opening the showroom is to improve and make this relationship easier by opening it up to companies that are trying to introduce their products to the Cape Verdean market, said Corvinos.

“The intention is to bring Cabo Verde’s importers closer to the Spanish factories, as most of the products on show here are manufactured in Spain,” said Yanira Monteiro, who is responsible for the project.

Several companies from Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Murcia along with one company from Argentina are installed in the showroom, where they exhibit a wide variety of products including alcoholic beverages, food, computer equipment and others. (macauhub/CV)