Inter-Island sea transport in Cabo Verde to be run under a concession scheme

27 May 2014

Sea transport between the islands of the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) archipelago will be governed by a public system as of January 2015, and the service will be handed over to management companies under a concession scheme, said the chairman of the country’s Port and Maritime Agency, José Fortes.

According to a government study this is the model that is best adapted to a shipping system with loss-making lines, and there will be two concession-holders – Cabo Verde Fast Ferry (CVFF) and another company made of the remaining Cape Verdean shipping companies.

“The government will adopt the maritime public transport system in which the links between islands, the quality of the service, the number of journeys, the tariffs and the remaining obligations of the concession-holders will be stipulated,” Fortes told radio station Rádio de Cabo Verde.

The chairman of the Maritime and Port Agency gave assurances that the service would continue to be provided by private companies and that there were two concession-holders because other shipping companies had not accepted joining up with CVFF, which recently took on loans to acquire new ships.

On non-profitable lines, subsidies will be calculated based on an analysis of the operations databases, which will be set up at all ports, so that the process is as transparent as possible, Fortes said.

Operators that carry their own cargo will not be included in the inter-island sea transport system, although they will not be allowed to carry products for third-parties. (macauhub/CV)