Chinese company announces construction of aquarium in Cabo Verde

4 June 2014

Chinese company Qingdao Jinyitong plans to build an “oceanarium” (aquarium) on the island of Boa Vista, one of the tourist hot spots of the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) archipelago, pan-African news agency Panapress reported.

The company plans to attract the thousands of tourists, mainly from Europe who choose the island to spend their holidays and who will see the oceanarium as another place to visit.

Last week a delegation from the Chinese company visited Boa Vista to meet with local officials and present the investment projects it plans to carry out on the so-called “Ilha das Dunas” (Dune Island).

A source from the Municipal Council told Cape Verdean Radio that the, as well as the oceanarium, the company already had specific plans to build a hotel and residential areas.

The trip by company representatives to Boa Vista is the result of a visit by the Chinese ambassador to Cabo Verde, Su Jian, in April when he pledged to take businesspeople from his company to seek out business opportunities on the island. (macauhub/CV)