Jiangsu aims to develop agro-cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries

16 June 2014

The government of Jiangsu province on China’s east coast plans to organise study visits to Portuguese-speaking countries by official and business delegations with a view to developing agricultural cooperation, Vice-Governor Fu Ziying announced.

During a meeting with diplomats from the Portuguese language countries and members of the Macau Forum permanent secretariat, Fu Ziying recalled that large companies from the province are already established in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique.

He reaffirmed the desire to strengthen contacts with the Macau Forum and to use the Special Administrative Region as a platform for services between Jiangsu province and the Portuguese language countries.

The gathering was attended by diplomats from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor. The Cape Verdean ambassador and assistant secretary-general of the Forum, Júlio Morais, suggested that matters associated to fisheries, science and technology industries, trade, investment, agriculture, education and tourism should be considered at the 4th Jiangsu, Macau and Portuguese Language Countries Summit Meeting on Commercial and Industrial Development, to be held this coming 23-26 October in Macau.

Also present on behalf of the Macau Forum’s permanent secretariat were Secretary-General Chang Hexi and Assistant Secretary-General and Support Office Coordinator Rita Santos.

Jiangsu province on China’s east coast has an area of 103,000 square km, a population of 79 million and GDP of US$966 billion. Its capital is Nanjing.

Just south of the province is the municipality of Shanghai, with an area of 6,000 square km and population of 24 million. The city of Shanghai is China’s largest, with a GDP of US$352 billion. (macauhub/MO/CN/AO/CV/GW/PT/MZ/TL)