European Union plans to continue to provide largest amount of aid to Mozambique

19 June 2014

The European Union (EU) member states will continue to provide the largest amount of development aid to Mozambique, the head of the EU delegation in Mozambique, Paul Mali said recently in Inhambane.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper the ambassador said that the EU would provide around 80 percent of all bilateral and multilateral aid that Mozambique receives each year.

Mali also said that European development funding for Mozambique over the last 30 years totalled around 3 billion euros both in direct budget aid and in specific sector-focused projects, particularly democratisation and consolidation of the Rule of Law.

The ambassador said that two-way ties were not only political and diplomatic, and of development cooperation, but also economic and commercial. He noted that The EU accounted for 30 percent of foreign direct investment (FDI), 40 percent of Mozambican exports and 25 percent of the country’s imports.

“With high ethical and environmental standards we hope that our business sector will make contributions to benefit the populations of both continents and to and to sustainable growth that can reduce poverty levels,” Mali said at a session to commemorate 30 years of cooperation between the EU and Mozambique.

Mozambique joined the group of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries on 8 December 1984 and from then on started benefitting from cooperation and development support set up between the group and the EU. (macauhub/MZ)