New airport in Tete, Mozambique to start operating in 2023

19 June 2014

The analysis of the final report on construction of a new airport in the city of Tete to replace the current one in Chingodzi has entered its final stages, the Mozambican Minister for Transport and Communications, Gabriel Muthisse said in the city.

The ministers aid that the new airport would start operating in 2023 when mining would reach the area of the current aerodrome and that this plan needed to be aligned with growth of air transport in the region.

Tete airport was able to start receiving regional traffic in 2010 following an investment to separate domestic and regional traffic, as well as to create areas for the Customs, Immigration and Health services.

With this in mind a memorandum of intentions was signed in 2010 by the Mozambican government and Anglo-Australian group Rio Tinto, and since then a study has been carried out to identify the location to build the new airport.

The Minister also said that the new Nacala International Airport would have the minimum required conditions to start operating in August of this year and that the cargo terminal and fire station would be finished in the first quarter of 2015.

The project for Nacala International Airport includes all the necessary facilities to receive aircraft up to he size of a Boeing 747-400 or its equivalent Airbus-340 in civil, domestic, regional and intercontinental operation at night and during the day and with capacity to deal with 500,000 passengers per year. (macauhub/MZ)