Portugal plans to support projects in Guinea Bissau, says secretary of state

19 June 2014

Portugal plans to support projects in Guinea Bissau including a furniture factory, recovery of fishing licenses and processing agricultural produce, according to Portuguese secretary of state Luís Campos Ferreira said Wednesday in Bissau.

On the second and final day of his visit to Bissau, the secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation told Portuguese news agency Lusa that around 20 companies from northern Portugal, together with the Paredes Municipal Council, were involved in a project to build  a furniture factory in Guinea Bissau.

The idea is to make sustainable use of wood, one of Guinea’s main natural resources, which has been explored without any kind of control according to local authorities and international organisations.

“We are waiting for the new government to take office so we can start talks, identify a location and investment model,” he said.

Over two days in Bissau, Campos Ferreira also announced that the possibility of “Portugal recovering its fishing licenses” to operate of the coast of Guinea Bissau had also been discussed.

On Tuesday Guinea Bissau began the inauguration ceremonies for the new government and on Monday President elect, José Mário Vaz is scheduled to be sworn in, and in the following few days the Prime Minister, Domingos Simões Pereira, and the government are due to take office. (macauhub(GW/PT)