European Union support projects in Angola over next seven years

4 July 2014

The European Union plans to provide funding of around 210 million euros for development projects in Angola over the next seven years, according to information published by the EU delegation in Luanda.

The funding is part of the new EU funding programme in place until 2020 and essentially covers three main areas for projects in Angola, said a source contacted by Portuguese news agency Lusa.

Around half of this type of EU funding is earmarked for rural development and sustainable agriculture projects carried out in the country over the next seven years.

Around 65 million euros will be channelled into water and sanitation projects as well as to professional training and higher education.

The funding for the 11th community aid programme, due to be signed by the European Commission and the Angolan government by the end of the year, is practically identical to the framework that is currently in its final phase of execution.

In the last National Indicative Programme for Angola, for approval of projects between 2008 and 2013, the EU provided Angola with 214 million euros via the European Development Fund (EDF). (macauhub/AO)