Mozambican delegation visits Macau to study gaming sector management

4 July 2014

A delegation from Mozambique is due to travel to Macau soon to study the territory’s experience of gaming and gambling management, said the new assistant secretary-general of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Noting that the aim was to help Mozambique develop its gaming industry, Vicente de Jesus Manuel told Macau newspaper hojemacau that his home country (Mozambique) has “a strategic location for development of the sector.”

“Also given that gambling is legal in Mozambique, the delegation from my country will come to Macau to gather information on how to introduce improvements to the sector, said Jesus Manuel.

Referring specifically to Macau the new assistant secretary-general of the permanent secretariat of Forum Macau said that the territory was highly developed in the areas of services, conference organisation and raising capital.

Vicente de Jesus Manuel, who has been involved in Forum Macau since it was created in 2003, made a positive assessment of the activities carried out thus far and noted the mutual knowledge of the various members and that fact that staff from all the countries had benefitted from training in Macau. (macauhub/MO/MZ)