First hotel to be built in Angoche, Mozambique

8 July 2014

The first hotel to be built in the city of Angoche, In Mozambique’s Nampula province may start operating this year, the head of Economic Activities Services for the district, Miguel Massunda Júnior told Mozambican daily newspaper, Notícias.

The hotel, construction of which is expected to cost US$664,000, is owned by Mozambican group Kirimba and will offer 42 beds along with other related services, such as a restaurant.

Massunda Júnior also told the newspaper that once the hotel opens to the public the city will finally have better quality accommodation and the number of beds available will increase from 67 to 109.

Angoche now has three bed and breakfast units – Parapato, Mafamede and Sporting – as well as some private homes that take in overnight guests.

With the exceptions of the provincial capital Nampula and the port town of Nacala, Angoche is one of the few municipalities that has the facilities to become one of the busiest urban areas in the province, particularly in economic terms, as it has electricity, running water, mobile and fixed-line telephone services and banks.

Most of the 172,000 inhabitants of Angoche work in the agricultural, fishing and informal retail sectors. (macauhub/MZ)