Costal defences for Mozambican capital completed in October

21 July 2014

Work to rebuild coastal defences in the city of Maputo, Mozambique, are due to be finished by October of this year, five months after initially projected, said the Mayor of Maputo, David Simango.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, the contractor is working on the final stage of the work near the Pescadores area, the last section of a 13-kilometre stretch that began at the Catembe jetty.

Reconstruction of the coastal area of the capital, underway since September 2012, is being carried out alongside work on the Maputo ring road, whish has led to problems between the contractors for both projects. Before work began on the coastal defences at high tide the sea often reach Maputo’s coastal road.

Heavy rains in Maputo at the beginning of both this and last year led to delays on the project, which is carried out by Portuguese-Angolan consortium MCA Group JV/RME.

As well as the seawall and seven breakwaters up to 200 metres long, the project also includes laying rocks and sand between the seawall and the sea, thus extending the beach. The work is coting US$22 million funded by the Saudi Development Fund, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Mozambican state budget.

Some of the sand laid between the seawall and the water will come from dredging of the access channel to the port of Maputo, which is already underway, and the sediment – totalling up to 1 million cubic metres – will be carried by boat or pumped out directly onto the beach. (macauhub/MZ)