China and Brazil agree to launch another satellite

22 July 2014

China and Brazil have agreed to move ahead with the “China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS)” programme by adding another satellite to it, CBERS 4A, the Brazilian press reported citing the Brazilian Space Agency.

The director of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Xu Dazhe, showed interest in building the CBERS 5 and 6 satellites as part of the 10-year programme between the two countries, talks for which are due to begin again at the end of 2014.

CBERS 4, the most recent satellite, is due to be launched into space on 7 December of this year, after CBERS 3 burnt u on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere when it failed to go into orbit.

At a recent meeting the Brazilian Space Agency and CNSA signed a memorandum of understanding to share satellite data. (macauhub/BR/CN)