Chinese company Baidu launches search engine in Portuguese in Brazil

22 July 2014

Chinese company Baidu last week launched its search engine in Brazil (, after adapting it to Brazilian Portuguese, the Brazilian press reported.

In order to differentiate itself from its main competitors, Google and Bing, Baidu is using an algorithm that allows users to access videos, music and play games directly on the results page, without having to click through to the webpages themselves.

However, in order for this to become and advantage to the search engine, it still ahs to set up partnerships with content producers.

The so-called “Chinese Google” is China’s largest Internet company and has an estimated market value of US$65 billion.

The complexity of the Chinese language made it difficult for foreign companies to access the market and Baidu now accounts for 83 percent of online searches in China. Estimates point to 500 million users per day of Baidu and its products.

The Chinese company opened an office in Brazil in 2012 with a view to studying the Brazilian market according to Baidu’s sales director, Felipe Zmoginski. Before launching its search engine it presented five products to test the Brazilian consumer – Baidu Antivirus, Spark Browser, PC Faster (performance enhancing software), Hao123 (news website) and Du Battery Saver (app to reduce battery use by Android mobile phones). (macauhub/BR/CN)