Cape Verdean government adds three marine species to authorised catch list

7 August 2014

The striped soldier shrimp, crab and blue shark have been included on the list of species that can be caught in Cape Verde, per the biannual revision of the fishing resources management plan for 2014/2015, the island country’s director-general for marine resources announced.

Cited by the Cape Verdean press, Juvino Vieira also said that catching horse mackerel measuring under 16 cm was henceforth forbidden, while harvesting and commercialising sea cucumbers, an invertebrate in the starfish family, remains prohibited.

Although ignored in Cape Verde, the sea cucumber is much appreciated in oriental cuisine. It began to be illegally caught and exported from São Vicente Island in 2000. Given the demand, along with apprehensions and risks to fishermen, the respective activity was banned until appropriate regulations are in place.

The plan permits shark fishing, even though it has been criticised by environmental organisations, as the sharks are caught to remove their commercially valuable fins.

The fisheries sector accounts for less than 1 percent of Cape Verde’s gross domestic product. It is nevertheless an important income source and also plays a decisive role in the population’s diet and helps generate wealth via exports. (macauhub/CV)