Construction of Angola’s Lucala Industrial Pole to begin after landmine removal

7 August 2014

Construction of the Lucala Industrial Pole will begin as soon as the operation to remove landmines in the project’s first phase implementation area is complete, Angolan Industry Minister Bernarda Gonçalves Martins said in Ndalatando, cited by Angop news agency.

Martins, who visited Kwanza Norte province for several hours to deal with issues associated to the industrial pole’s establishment, said that more than 50 hectares would be free of landmines within two months, “a necessary condition for the work to begin, especially on some of the buildings.”

She recalled that when the master plans for industrial poles were drawn up, taking into account the characteristics of each province, it was decided that in Kwanza Norte the emphasis would be on agro-industrial activity and construction material production.

The Kwanza Norte industrial park is almost entirely situated in Cambambe municipality and contains the Eka beer brewery, Satec textile factories and the Vinelo and Banangola beverage plants, which were inoperative for many years or still are.

Eka was modernised in 2008 and 2009, after which it surpassed production levels recorded in 1973, two years before independence. The beer it produces is sold locally and also in Luanda, Kwanza Sul, Huíla, Malanje and Uíge provinces.

Satec, inoperative for nearly 20 years, is being restored as part of a Japanese financed project and should soon resume production of fabric and clothing.

Besides being an alcohol distillery, Vinelo produced a line of wines made from fermented pineapples, oranges and bananas and orange concentrate. It also produced other alcoholic beverages, tomato concentrate and juice, and was equipped with a cannery.

Banangol used to produce infant formula and was supported by Mucoso banana production. Although banana production has increased nationwide and especially in Kwanza Norte, that factory unit can only resume production if investment is made to start from scratch, due to the deteriorated remaining infrastructure and equipment. (macauhub/AO)