Brazil’s Galeão and Confins airports managed by private consortiums

13 August 2014

Galeão international airport in Rio de Janeiro began on Tuesday to be managed by a private consortium (51 percent) formed by the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht TransPort and Changi Airports International of Singapore, Agência Brasil reports.

The remaining 49 percent remains in the hand of Infraero, Brazil’s state-owned airport infrastructure corporation, set up in 1972 to operate the country’s main commercial airports.

The consortium has announced plans to invest 2 billion reais in the airport up to the 2016 Olympics and 5 billion until the end of the 25-year concession.

The concession contract was signed on 2 April 2014. Since June the concessionaire has been supporting Infraero’s operations at that airport, which handled 17 million passengers in 2013.

Other airports handed over to private initiative include São Gonçalo do Amarante, Guarulhos, Brasília and Viracopos. Infraero likewise relinquished operational control of Tancredo Neves-Confins international airport on Tuesday.

The latter airport was granted on a concession basis to the consortium formed by the Companhia de Participações em Concessões, pertaining to Brazil’s CCR group, and the respectively Swiss and German operators Zurich Airport International AG and Munich Airport International Beteiligungs GmbH. (macauhub/BR)