Sao Tome coffee producers export 20 tons of coffee to France

19 August 2014

The Cooperative of Organic Coffee Producers and Exporters, which brings together 200 farmers in Sao Tome and Principe, plans to export 20 tons of Arabica coffee to France this year, one of the producers said.

Cited by Pan-African news agency Panapress, Luís Mário said that following the recovery of some crop-growing areas production in 2013 rose to 13 tons.

The importer of the coffee is French company Malongo, which for the last three years has had an agreement with the Cooperative and is so far the only buyer of the coffee from the Monte Café area.

Coffee is a traditional crop at the Monte Café plantation, which covers an area of 310 hectares in the Sao Tome highlands. (macauhub/ST)