Groups from Mauritius build hydroelectric plants in Mozambique

25 August 2014

The hydroelectric power stations of Lupata and Boroma, both located on the Zambezi River will be built under a concession based on the terms of contracts signed in Maputo by Mozambique’s Energy Minister, Salvador Namburete.

The Lupata Hydroelectric plant has Hydroparts Holding and Cazembe Holding, both of Mauritius, in its shareholder structure as well as Mozambican state power company EdM and Sonipal, which is also from Mozambique. The Boroma Hydroelectric plant is owned by Rutland Holding, of Mauritius, EdM and Sonipal.

The construction of both plants is expected to take five years. The Lupata facility will cost an estimated US$1.072 billion and the Boroma facility US$572.5 million, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

In terms of production capacity, the Lupata dam will produce 612 megawatts (MW), while the Boroma dam will have a power production capacity of some 210 megawatts.

The paper said that the deficit of power generation and transmission infrastructure has been a major constraint on the country’s industrialization programme, so these two hydropower plants will be crucial to improving the energy supplyin Mozambique. (macauhub/MZ)