Guinea-Bissau needs 100 million euros to install high voltage line

25 August 2014

Guinea-Bissau needs 100 million euros to build a 219-kilometre high voltage power line to transport electricity at the Kaleta dam in Guinea Conakry, the Director General of Water Resourcessaid Friday in Bissau.

Several experts and authorities from the Guinean localities where the high voltage line is expected to pass met Friday in Bissau to assess the impact of construction in the areas of Bafatá, Saltinho, Bambadinca, Mansoa, Farim and Bissau.

Inussa Balde said that by October the international tender would be launched for construction of 219 kilometres of power transmission line as in August 2015 the first turbine at the Kaleta dam is due to start operating.

“As well as the power line itself, the country will have to have posts to receive and distribute the electricity,” Balde said cited Portuguese news agency Lusa, adding that the European Union and the World Bank are willing to support the project.

In full operation, the Kaleta dam will produce about 900 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

As of August 2015, with a single turbine, 200 megawatts of power will become available for consumption in the four countries of the Organization for the Exploration of the Gambia River (“Mise en Valeur Organisation du Fleuve Gambia” OMVG) – Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Conakry.

Before the end of next year construction of a second dam is due to begin within the scope of OMVG in Sambangalou (Senegal) said Balde, adding that with the two facilities in operation, Guinea-Bissau will have 40 percent of its energy needs covered. (macauhub/GW)