Portugal removes trade barriers on Mozambican exports

29 August 2014

Portugal has removed barriers on exports of Mozambican products, under a protocol that also includes support for Mozambique in the areas of plant and animal health, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Food said in Maputo.

Nuno Vieira e Brito, who Thursday ended a visit to Mozambique, said the phytosanitary protocol was completed on Monday and also allowed the export of Mozambican products to Portugal, while respecting European Union criteria.

The Secretary of State noted the case of Mozambican bananas, which are currently exported to Ireland, and that can now be exported to Portugal, “and would be welcomed by Portuguese consumers for their outstanding quality.”

Vieira e Brito arrived in Maputo Saturday night with the Secretary of State for Innovation, Pedro Gonçalves, as part of a team led by Deputy Prime Minister, Paulo Portas, who was at the opening Monday of the Maputo International Fair (Facim). (macauhub/MZ/PT)