Cabo Verde and the European Union renew fisheries agreement

1 September 2014

Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and the European Union (EU) agreed to renew an existing fisheries protocol, which is due to come into force Monday, 1 September, officials said Friday in Brussels.

Under the revised agreement Cabo Verde will receive 550,000 euros in the first two years of the agreement and 500,000 euros in each of the next two years, which is an increase of 360,000 euros as compensation for the previous agreement over four years totalled 435,000 euros.

The European Commission reported that half of the fee it will pay Cabo Verde on an annual basis is intended to pay for access to fishing resources and the other half is intended to promote sustainable fisheries management in the archipelago, such as improving capacity for monitoring and surveillance as well as support to local fishing communities.

In return, over the next four years 71 European fishing vessels will be allowed to fish for tuna and other migratory fish species in the waters of Cabo Verde, which is three fewer vessels than previously agreed, including line tuna fishing, tuna purse seine vessels and trolling vessels. (macauhub/CV)