Fertilizer plant due to be built in Soyo, Angola

5 September 2014

Angola’s Minister of Geology and Mines Thursday in Luanda announced plans for construction of a fertiliser factory in Soyo, northern Zaire province, in 2015, to produce the 400,000 tons of fertiliser that Angola consumes each year and to export surplus production.

Francisco Queiroz, when speaking at the opening of the III’s Ministry Advisory Council, under the motto “Transparency, fairness and rigour for the growth and diversification of geological activity and mining in Angola,” also said that phosphate exploration projects in Cabinda and Zaire are underway.

The minister also said that Ferrangol, a publicly-owned mining company, is negotiating partnerships for mining of iron, copper, gold and other minerals, especially gold in Chipindo and Mpopo, sales of artisanally-mined gold in Cabinda and the Cassinga and Cassala Quitungo Integrated Project, according to Angolan news agency Angop.

Queiroz summarised the implementation of the action programme for the sector since the 2013 Advisory Council, by reviewing the National Geology Plan, the Mining Code, institutional organisation and operations, mining projects, the Kimberley Process and organisation of exploration of minerals for civil construction.

The National Geology Plan (Planageo) will collect scientific information on geological and mining resources, location and estimated quantities across the whole of Angola and, since it began last May, has overflown 172,856 linear kilometres of land. (macauhub/AO)