Angolan Post Office offers international transfers in partnership with Western Union

19 September 2014

The Post Office in Angola (Correios de Angola) and the Western Union Company have signed an agreement to provide money transfer services for the first time to users of the post office network, according to a statement issued Thursday.

Richard Malcolm, Western Union’s regional vice president for Southern and Eastern Africa, said he was happy about the beginning of the collaboration with Correios de Angola “through which we can expand the network of Western Union services.”

The president of Correios de Angola, Maria Luisa Andrade according to the statement said by establishing an agreement with Western Union,her company “is facilitating contact between the country’s residents and making postal services relevant for a long time to come.”

A study by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) showed that over 80 percent of post offices in sub-Saharan Africa are located outside the three major cities of each country, providing a unique service to people who do not have access to conventional financial services. (macauhub/AO)