Mozambique is Africa’s third largest charcoal producer

8 October 2014

Mozambique is the third largest producer of charcoal in Africa, and consumes about 17 million cubic metres of wood per year to feed the industry, according to a study by the Mozambican Institute of Agricultural Research (AMI).

The study on the value chain of charcoal in southern Mozambique, authored by researcher Rosalina Chavana, said that only Nigeria and Ethiopia are ahead of Mozambique in terms of charcoal production.

The document cited by Mozambican newspaper Correio da Manhã, which also contains an analysis of the world’s 10 largest producers of charcoal, seven of which are in Africa, said that in recent years there has been rapid growth in charcoal consumption, which is due to urban expansion and economic growth in those African countries.

The researcher who conducted the study in partnership with Michigan State University concluded that, “the production of charcoal in Mozambique is one of the main factors causing deforestation in the country,” and the timber for its production has an annual value almost US$700 million per year.

The newspaper reported that over 70 percent of Mozambicans rely on charcoal to meet their energy needs for cooking, according to government figures. (macauhub/MZ)