Foreigners invest 1 billion euros in Portugal to receive golden visas

10 October 2014

Investments made in Portugal as part of the “golden visa” programme were in excess of 1 billion euros in the first two years of the special regime for Residency for Investment Activity (ARI), the Portuguese government said in a statement.

A statement issued Thursday by the office of the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, said the government had made “a very positive assessment of the programme,” launched on 8 October 2012, “as evidenced by the total value of the investment made in Portugal, the number of residency permits granted and more than 45 nationalities who have invested in the country. ”

To date, 1,649 ARI permits have been granted, in return for total investment of 1.002 billion euros, of which 95.5 million euros were capital transfers and 906.5 million euros were invested in property.

Of the total ARI permits granted, 83 were for capital transfers, three for creation of businesses that created at east 10 jobs and 1,563 for buying property.

The main investors are from China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Lebanon, Angola and Mozambique. (macauhub/PT)