Macau association publishes book on Zhuhai, China

16 October 2014

The Macao Pearl River Delta Research Association has just published a book entitled, “Zhuhai – The Delta’s Garden City” written by Thomas Chan and Louise do Rosario.

This is the fifth book in the “Pearl River Delta” collection, from publisher Macaulink, which aims to publicises not only the area but also its major cities.

The Association, with the support of the Macau Foundation and the International Institute of Macau previously published books on the history of the Delta, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan. By the end of the year the association plans to publish a book about the city of Zhongshan.In 2015 books are scheduled to be published about the cities of Foshan and Zhaoqing.

“Zhuhai should facilitate cross-border links in order to allow a free flow of people and goods under CEPA and supplementary agreements. Gongbei, as transit and transport platform resulting from Guangzhou-Zhuhai railway line and the border with Macau has the potential to become a major commercial hub in the Pearl River Delta,” the authors say.

Thomas Chan and Louise do Rosario consider that “From Hengqin and Gongbei, the areas that serve Macau could expand as far as Xiangzhou and even to Tangjiawan. The entire western region of the city of Zhuhai (west of the Modaomen Channel) should be integrated into a wider urban area of ​​Macau, with a division of functions with neighbourhoods of Macau; and should provide housing and commercial space for Macau resident and companies. This area should take a position as a second Macau, served by the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge and by the Nansha and Hong Kong ferry terminals.

“The fate and future of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone are associated with Macau,” Chan and Rosario note.

The books, in Portuguese, can be found at