Tanzanian group builds mini steelworks in Mozambique

10 November 2014

Tanzania’s Motisun group (http://motisungroup.com/) is building a mini steelworks in Nacala, Mozambique, through its subsidiary MM Integrated Steel Mills Mozambique, Tanzanian newspaper East African Business Week reported.

The group, which focuses its business on steel production, is building similar steelworks in Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania.

The spokesman for Integrated Steel Mills Tanzania, Mlawa Abubakar, told the newspaper that the Nacala unit is its final stages, but said he could not give a date for the steelworks to start operating.

“We have manufacturing units of the same kind in Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania and we intend to expand further,” said Mlawa, who declined to disclose the cost of the mini steel works in Nacala.

The Motisun group has made investments in steel, mining, cement, plastics, paints, food processing, hospitality, construction and cables and does business in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Sudan . (macauhub/MZ)