Portuguese consortium delivers dam built in Cabo Verde

14 November 2014

Portuguese consortium Armando Cunha and Construtora do Tâmega is due Saturday to deliver the Canto da Cangarra dam, the first to be built on the Cape Verdean island of Santo Antao, a project costing 5.2 million euros, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The dam, construction of which began in 2011, is the sixth to be inaugurated in the archipelago after five on the island of Santiago (where almost 60 percent of the Cape Verdean population lives), built as part of an ambitious water collection plan that outlines construction of 17 identical dams across almost all nine inhabited islands, by 2016.

Construction of the dam was funded by a credit line of 51.7 million euros opened by Portugal in 2010, which has so far funded construction of the Salineiro, Sachet, Faveta (three opened in 2013) and Figueira Gorda (the 8 November) dams, which joined the Poilão dam, built in 2006 through Chinese cooperation.

The dam will have a reservoir holding up to 418,000 cubic metres of water and is a maximum height of 30 metres, 25 metres to the spillway, with a crown that is 100 metres long and four metres wide.

Construction of the dam and irrigation adducts in the region will improve the quality of agricultural land, with around 55 hectares currently operating on a rainfed basis expected to be irrigated using water from the Canto de Cagarra dam.

Two other dams, Principal and Flamengos in the north of the island of Santiago are in the final stages of construction by Portuguese company Monte Adriano. (macauhub/CV/ PT)