Corn produced in Paraguay continues to reach Cabo Verde

9 December 2014

A ship from Paraguay is docked at the port of Praia, capital of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), to unload 10,500 tons of maize produced in the Latin American country as part of the “Green Island,” project according to a report from Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana.

The project, which produces grain on large tracts of land in Paraguay for the Cape Verdean and West African markets, is also intended to maintain grain reserves in Cabo Verde and promote the livestock sector.

Agronomist and coordinator of the project’s development company, Adriano Pinto, said this was the second shipment of corn produced in Paraguay.

The “Green Island” project has guaranteed a supply of corn to the archipelago and lower the price of the grain, which fell from 44,000 escudos per ton in 2013 to 25,000 escudos per ton this year.

Pinto also already said soybeans and wheat crops had already been planted as well as fruit and sugar cane in smaller quantities on land purchased in Paraguay by the government of Cabo Verde in the 1980s. (macauhub/CV)