Angola’s imports fall by tonnage in third quarter of 2014

5 January 2015

Imports in the third quarter of 2014 fell by 2.98 percent in terms of tonnage to 2.84 million tons, reported the National Shipping Council (CNC) in a statement issued in Luanda.

The most imported product continued to be cement, despite registering a drop of 46.01 percent, continuing the trend seen since the beginning of the year with a total downturn of 274,790 tons.

In the food sector there was an increase of 17.76 percent in sugar imports and 35.87 percent in meat and offal (including chicken), which were the second and third most imported products.

Cited by daily newspaper Jornal de Angola, the statement also said that beer imports increased by two and a half times, whilst wine imports remained unchanged and mineral water imports fell by 7.70 percent.

Among the 20 most imported products in the third quarter of last year, half were in the food and beverages category.

Among the largest importers was Cimenfort Industrial, which increased it imports by over 400 percent to become Angola’s largest importer.

The most significant decrease was registered by Chinangol, which has previously held the top spot, but this time comes in 22nd place after an 87.53 percent decrease in imports.

China continued to be the leading provider of products imported by Angola, accounting for 44.17 percent of total arrivals in Angola registered by the CNC.

Portugal’s exports to Angola rose 5.99 percent, while those from Brazil grew 26.17 percent.

Among the top ten trading partners, the highlights include South Korea, which doubled exports to Angola, overtaking South Africa, which was sixth in the list. (macauhub/AO/CN/BR/PT)