Port of Praia, Cabo Verde, has higher revenues and fewer passengers in 2014

6 January 2015

The operating results of the port of Praia, the capital of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in 2014 will see an increase in revenues in the movement of containers and a drop in the number of passengers and stops by coastal and long-haul vessels, said the port’s director.

Alcídio Lopes said the figures for the movement of people and goods would not be very different from those achieved in 2013, although it is clear that the port’s long haul and coastal shipping routes fell by around 10 percent.

“The decrease in cabotage was due to the decommissioning of some ships, such as Pentalina-B, John Miller and Sal-Rei, with a slight impact on the movement of cargo, which fell from 210,000 tons in 2013 to 207,000 in 2014,” said the director of the port of Praia, quoted by weekly newspaper A Semana.

Lopes also said that the number of containers processed saw a increase of around 5 percent and added that operating results for 2014 are expected to record a slight increase due to revenue growth and reduced costs associated with port operations.

Overall, the port of Praia is expected in 2014 to have dealt with around 630,000 tons of cargo and 97,000 passengers from inter-island travel and international routes, which were similar to figures ​​recorded in 2013.

Cabo Verde’s ports are due to be privatised in 2015. (macauhub/CV)