Portuguese group Sonae expands to Mozambique

6 January 2015

Portuguese group Sonae has boosted the internationalisation of its specialised retail businesses by opening the first MO store in Mozambique, the first in sub-Saharan Africa, said the chief executive of Sonae SR, Miguel Mota Freitas.

The MO brand is now present in five countries – Spain, Portugal, Malta, Bulgaria and Mozambique and, according to the statement from Sonae SR, of the Sonae group “MO also exports its products to France, Belgium and Romania, where the brand is sold in other retail stores. ”

The first store of Sonae SR’s clothing brand in Africa is located in Maputo, the capital and largest city in Mozambique, which is also the country’s main financial, business and shopping centre.

With an area of ​​500 square metres, the store was opened via a franchise scheme, although the investor has not been identified. The store is located on one of the city’s main streets and offers clothing and other items adapted to the local climate and culture.

In addition to MO, Sonae SR also owns the Zippy chain, specialising in children’s clothing and childcare articles, which is present in 18 countries, with more than 100 stores. (macauhub/MZ/PT)