Guinea-Bissau is expected to export 200,000 tons of cashew nuts this year

7 January 2015

Guinea-Bissau is this year expected to export about 200,000 tons of cashew nuts, according to a forecast from the Ministry of Trade and Crafts, cited by the Portuguese News Network.

The official forecast is based on the tonnage exported in 2014, around 136,000 tons, and an additional 20,000 tons that were intercepted in the port of Bissau for illegal export and more than 70,000 tons that were seized along the northern border with Senegal.

“The mechanisms that we are already preparing for this year will allow these values ​​to be added and to have a single figure, which may exceed 200,000 tons of exported cashew nuts,” a ministry source told PNN.

At a meeting held in Bissau on 11 and 12 December, participants identified four major constraints to the normal course of the cashew campaign, including poor access roads for selling cashew nuts, high export taxes, the exchange of cashew nuts for low quality rice, disrespecting parity in trading and the major constraints on monitoring. (macauhub/GW)