Portuguese Group wants to save tourist resort in Cabo Verde

12 January 2015

Portuguese group Água Hotels will take over the management of the Vila Verde Resort on the island of Sal, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), said the President of Tecnicil group, Alfredo Carvalho, cited by local newspapers.

“We are in the final stage of negotiations, and we can state that within a short time the management of Vila Verde Resort will be handed over to the Água Hotels group, which will explore not only the condo, but also the tourism section,” said Carvalho adding, “they will basically replace Tecnicil Imobiliária.”

Água Hotels will try to save the Vila Verde Resort that has faced difficulties in meeting its financial commitments, including wages to staff, bills and a “loan of 120 billion escudos to BES Cabo Verde.”

The name of the resort will be changed to Água Hotels Sal Vila Verde and is divided into 13 different condominiums, sharing reception areas, restaurants, cafes and bars, including several swimming pools, tennis courts, sauna, bike paths, fitness centre, spa, country club, night club, several restaurants showcasing regional and international cuisine, terraces, a playground and gardens.

The managing director of Água Hotels, Paulo Lourenço, cited in the statement said that with this the group “moves into Cabo Verde, Sal Island, and internationalises the brand, which was already a priority.”

In Portugal the Água Hotels Group has the Água Hotels Mondim de Basto, Douro Scala, Vale da Lapa and Riverside units. (macauhub/CV/ PT)