Cabo Verde and Guinea-Bissau sign agreement to strengthen bilateral relations

15 January 2015

The governments of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and Guinea-Bissau Wednesday in Praia signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen bilateral relations in the reform of public administration, especially in the area of e-governance.

The document, signed by the Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Cabo Verde, Démis Lobo Almeida, and his Guinean counterpart, Baciro Djá, is the result of a three-day working visit by the minister from Guinea-Bissau to Cabo Verde.

The Guinean minister said he was satisfied with the promises made by both parties and said he was open to learning more from Cabo Verde’s experience, and invited his Cape Verdean counterpart to visit to Guinea-Bissau in the future.

Démis Lobo Almeida confirmed the intention to visit Guinea-Bissau and announced a Cabo Verde-Guinea-Bissau summit in Praia “in the coming weeks, between late January and early February.”

During his stay in Praia, Baciro Djá and his delegation had separate meetings with the head of state, the president of the parliament and the prime minister, visited several Cape Verdean public institutions and had working meetings. (macauhub/CV/GW)