Angolans start receiving training on capital markets

20 January 2015

The Capital Market Commission (CMC) of Angola is promoting a programme to provide people information on how to handle personal finances and invest in the stock market, the director of the Financial Literacy Office, Elsa Bárber said Monday.

On the sidelines of the third meeting of CMC staff members, entitled, “The challenge of financial inclusion,” Bárber said that to achieve this the CMC would promote seminars, distribute flyers, carry out programmes in the various media to give people information about financial and securities markets concepts.

“We will carry out activities and outreach programs in communities and at all levels of Angolan society to talk about financial concepts and securities markets,” she said.

Bárber added that the CMC would also promote activities focused on companies to talk about how they can invest in the regulated market.

The meeting of CMC staff members runs until 21 January and will address, among other things, “The financial information strategy of CMC”, “Angolan Capital Market Diagnosis” and “The process of setting up a goods bourse in Angola. ” (macauhub/AO)