China largest importer of farm products from Brazil in 2014

21 January 2015

China was the country that imported the most agricultural and livestock products from Brazil in 2014, according to figures from the Brazilian Agribusiness Foreign Trade Statistics System (AGROSTAT).

In second to fifth place on the list are the United States, the Netherlands, Russia and Germany, and the topl five countries last year imported agricultural and livestock products worth US$42.32 billion, or 43.7 percent of the total.

China, with a total of US$22.07 billion, was in first place, and soy complex – beans, meal and oil – accounted for US$17.01 billion, of which US$16.62 billion for soy beans, which was followed by forest products, with US$1.89 billion.

Figures from Agrosat, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, showed the United States were in second place, with imports of US$7 billion.

The Netherlands took third position on the list, with US$6.13 billion, Russia came fourth with US$3.65 billion and Germany was in fifth position with US$3.48 billion. (macauhub/BR/CN)