Power station in Cabinda, Angola, undergoes emergency expansion work

27 January 2015

The government of Angola has spent US$164 million in an emergency intervention to increase the production capacity of the Malembo thermal power station, in the enclave of Cabinda, by 100 megawatts according to a presidential order.

Called “emergency intervention to increase the capacity of the Malembo thermal power plant,” the project involves the supply and installation of a GE TM 2500 mobile turbine of 25 MW, for U$31.1 million, and two GE 6B turbines to provide 75 MW, for US$132.9 million.

According to the Angolan press, two of the main cities in Cabinda province had restricted power supplies following a malfunction of the last functioning turbine at the Malembo Power Plant.

Due to this problem since 13 November only the Chibodo Power Plant, with a capacity of 30 megawatts or one third of the area’s needs, has supplied electricity in the region.

The Malembo Thermal Power plant, which is driven by both diesel and gas and should ensure the supply of electricity to more than 14,400 homes, was built 30 kilometres north of the city of Cabinda. (macauhub/AO)