Mozambican power company EDM invests in construction of power transmission lines

29 January 2015

Mozambican state electricity company EDM will invest US$600 million in the construction of a second power transmission line to the central and northern regions of the country, said company chairman, Gildo Sibumbi.

The chairman of EDM, speaking recently in Mocuba, Zambezia province, told daily newspaper Notícias that the line would be 700 kilometres long and start at the Chimuara substation, and go through Nampula to Nacala.

Sibumbi gave assurances that cash was available for the work and added that work was underway to select a contractor through a public tender launched for this purpose.

The new line will have a capacity of 400 kVolts, against the current 220 kVolts, and make a real contribution to improving the stability and reliability of the energy supplied in the two regions, once completed.

The chairman of EdM noted that upon completion of the work, the two regions will be fed by two power lines simultaneously and can avoid a cut or a blackout when, for example, maintenance work is carried out.

Sibumbi acknowledged that the current situation that led to a blackout for two and a half weeks in central and northern regions was a lesson for the company, which had already outlined a strategy to make use of existing potential. (macauhub/MZ)