Beverage production in Angola covers national consumption

30 January 2015

Beverage production capacity in Angola “meets the country’s needs” so that imports will be responsible for “a small share,” Angola’s Minister for Industry said in Luanda Thursday.

Minister Bernarda Gonçalves Martins was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the board members of the newly formed Association of Angola Beverage Industries (AIBA), in the same week that the government announced quotas on imports of various products, including beers, juices and water, as well as some food.

The measure will reduce beverage imports into Angola to a quota of 950,000 hectolitres, or US$400 million, more than half of which comes from exports of Portuguese companies, especially beer.

The minister claimed that the food and beverage sector was on its way, if such a thing “were possible” to “an import ban,” but added it was necessary to leave an “open window for the entry of some products” as in this sector “we can actually live off domestic production.”

“Our market is supplied and will further improve, in terms of quality, the beverage sector,” noted the Minister of Industry, who expects AIBA, which was officially launched Thursday, to make way for “more frequent and productive contacts” with state institutions, to enhance development of the activity in Angola.

The first president of AIBA, Manuel Sumbula (Coca-Cola Bottling Angola), said the association aims to “attract more investment” for the domestic sector, enhance the value chain of local industry – by also producing raw materials for beverages in the country – and fostering the competitiveness and export of Angolan drinks. (macauhub/AO)