Mozambique uses European funds to rebuild roads

30 January 2015

The government of Mozambique made a request to the European Development Fund, for funding of up to 10 million euros, to repair several roads damaged by the rains and floods in recent weeks, according to an announcement made Wednesday in Maputo.

At least 86 people died, 50,000 are displaced and close to 140,000 people were affected by the rains and floods in the last two weeks in Zambezia province, mainly in the districts of Mocuba, Namacurra, Nicoadala and Maganja da Costa.

The EU cooperation chief in Mozambique, Enrico Strampelli said a decision had been made to mobilise the European Development Fund for urgent repairs on National Highway 1 between Mocuba and Nampevo, the Licungo bridge over the river Muluavi, the Nampevo pontoon and the bridge over the Namilate River.

The funds for this intervention are provided as part of Milange/Mocuba integrated corridor project, which began in 2010 and went into its second phase last year, in the amount of 81 million euros, in areas near those affected by the floods. (macauhub/MZ)