ADB announces 2015/2019 strategic plan for Guinea-Bissau

2 February 2015

The African Development Bank (ADB) plans to focus on consolidation of the rule of law in Guinea-Bissau and construction of infrastructure to support the population, according to the Strategic Plan approved Wednesday, the ADB announced.

The plan published on Friday and covering the 2015-2019 period followed “the general elections of 2014,” ending a period of crisis after a coup two years earlier.

The document identifies “weaknesses” and warns of the need for “military reform” and “improvement of the justice system to promote [economic] growth.”

In practice, the bank will give priority to four areas – regional integration within West Africa, in particular “the revitalisation of partnerships in which the State can trust” to get stronger and greater participation of non-state actors in the country’s life, effective coordination of donor operations and dialogue on government policies.

According to data collected by the ADB, the country’s fragile state and continued instability “have resulted in a sharp decline in economic growth in recent years.”

The growth rate of gross domestic product fell from 5.3 percent in 2011 to -1.5 percent in 2012, the bank said, stressing that the living conditions of the general population “also eroded.” (macauhub/GW)