Angola’s Trade Minister expects further drop in beverage imports

2 February 2015

Angola’s Trade Minister, Rosa Pacavira, said Friday in Luanda that there was scope to reduce beverage import quotas “further” following a meeting with importers and commercial banks.

The measure, the minister said, will “enter into force as of March” and will reduce imports – among other products – of beverages to a quota of 950,000 hectolitres, given Angola’s installed capacity, which is enough to cover domestic consumption.

Annual beverage imports totalled US$400 million, more than half of which was from Portuguese companies, particularly of beer.

In terms of soft drinks and other beverages, the Angolan government has set a general import quota for this year for water (150,000 hectolitres), soft drinks (200,000 hectolitres), beer (400,000 hectolitres) and juice (200,000 hectolitres).

According to the minister, currently there is already a “significant increase” in national production, even generating a “surplus” of not only beverages but also of fruit and vegetables, which are also subject to import quotas.

The introduction of quotas on imports of products that have a domestic supply, “that covers over 60 percent of domestic consumption,” is regulated by a joint executive decree of January 23 signed by the Ministers of Finance, Agriculture, Fisheries, Industry, Trade and Transport, together with the National Bank of Angola. (macauhub/AO/PT)