Guinea-Bissau government meets to prepare roundtable with donors

5 February 2015

The Guinea-Bissau government will meet until Saturday in Rubane in the Bijagos islands, to prepare for a roundtable meeting with donors, scheduled for 25 March in Brussels, said Prime Minister, Domingos Simões Pereira Wednesday in Bissau.

“We will review the entire strategy, analyse the documents that will guide the roundtable and verify the logistics part,” said Simões Pereira, noting that on 9 February the Guinean government will meet in Ghana with the advisory group to present the roundtable document.

The Guinean government’s advisory group for the roundtable includes United Nations Development Programme, African Union, European Union, African Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Economic Community of West African States.

The prime minister also told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the members of the advisory group “will be the first to receive the notes of the work we have been conducting for the success of the Brussels roundtable meeting.”

Also in Rubane, a small tourist resort near the island of Bubaque, the names of the people proposed by the government as ambassadors to promote Guinea-Bissau will be considered, said the Guinean prime minister. (macauhub/GW)