Portuguese-speaking countries approve projects for Guinea-Bissau

27 February 2015

The Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) has approved projects in the areas of vocational training and health for Guinea-Bissau, the Director of Cooperation of the CPLP Executive Secretariat said Thursday in Lisbon.

“It was important to be able to hear the expectations and priorities that the Guineans identified for future cooperation activities with Guinea-Bissau in the context of the CPLP,” Manuel Lapão told Portuguese news agency Lusa.

Lapão said a project had been approved including the CPLP Indicative Cooperation Plan (PIC) for the health sector and which will be carried out in Quinara (southern Guinea-Bissau), implemented by Portuguese non-governmental medical organisation Assistência Médica Internacional.

The other project, which “results from the ‘Together Against Hunger’ CPLP campaign” (in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation), will be carried out in Cacheu, also in Guinea-Bissau, focusing on women entrepreneurs, small-scale entrepreneurs who work in rice production in the area, giving them training from a business point of view and for food production.(macauhub/GW)