Fuels are the product most imported by Sao Tome and Principe in 2014

10 March 2015

Sao Tome and Principe spent 716.2 billion dobras (US$34.1 million) on the purchase of fuel, the product most imported in 2014, according to the archipelago’s National Statistics Institute (INE).

Data provided by INE to Macauhub in São Tomé showed that fuel imports, especially gasoline, diesel, oil and some mineral oils, accounted for 22.9 percent of foreign purchases last year, reaching 3.1293 billion dobras (US$149 million).

In the list of imports, after fuel, are agricultural products with 17 percent, equivalent to 532.5 billion dobras (US$25.3 million) and foodstuffs with 15.2 percent or US$22.6 million.

In 2013, the value of fuel purchases also topped the imports list with 25.7 percent of the total, or 711.6 billion dobras (US$33.8 million).

Angola is the largest supplier of fuel to São Tome through Angolan company Sonangol, which owns 78 percent of São Tomé fuel and oil company ENCO.

The largest consumer in the archipelago is the National Water and Electricity Company, which has a monopoly on selling electricity in São Tomé and Principe, and whose production is almost 80 percent based on liquid fuels. (macauhub/AO/ST)