Golden visas take more Chinese to Portugal in February

11 March 2015

Foreign nationals, mostly Chinese, in February invested 55 million euros in real estate purchases in Portugal, under the golden visa programme, the Portuguese Confederation of Construction and Real Estate (CPCI) said.

In a statement, the confederation also said that the 55 million euros recorded in real estate purchases accounted for 88.7 percent of the total 62 million euros recorded in the second month of the year.

“Of the 2,203 visas allocated since 2012, 2,088 are due to the acquisition of houses, 113 to the transfer of capital and three for creating at least 10 jobs,” said the to the CPCI.

Chinese citizens lead investments in real estate in Portugal, under the golden visa scheme, which in February recorded 103 residence permits, according to the Association of Real Estate Professionals and Companies of Portugal (APEMIP).

In the list of accumulated figures for the programme, 1,777 Chinese had bought a house for a minimum of 500,000 euros since 2012, followed by 74 Brazilian investors and 70 Russians, according to the statement issued by APEMIP.

The scheme offers residence permits to foreigners from outside the Schengen area, who invest in Portugal for a minimum of five years. (macauhub/BR/CN/EN)